History and Administration  

The Perm Autistic Society (PAS) was officially registered as a charitable organization in Perm, Russia in December 2003. The society was formed on the initiative of a British volunteer special needs teacher, Esther Maria Pallot and local parents of children with autistic spectrum disorders. The group, then consisting of approximately a dozen families, had been meeting regularly outside working hours, on an informal basis at a social services department where Esther had been invited to work via the organization Voluntary Services Overseas. Over time, as numbers increased, the benefits of parents coming together became obvious. At these meetings there was opportunity for new parents to meet other parents in similar situations, for parents to be accurately informed about the condition of autism, for sharing and learning together and receiving up to date and helpful information. It was felt that such support should be made as widely available as possible, hence the birth of PAS.    


How does PAS work ?

PAS has a constitution voted upon by its members and which is available for consultation by those members by request.


Currently PAS has a Director, a Deputy Director both of whom are members, with three others, of the Board Committee. One of the Board members receives the Russian minimum wage, other members are volunteers. The Board Committee meets regularly and is responsible for the direction and activities of PAS in accordance with the constitution of PAS.


General Meetings are held at least once a year and at times deemed necessary by the Board Committee. All members are encouraged to come and participate in any voting that may take place.


What we do

PAS exists to champion the rights of children with autism and their families. The current constitutional aims of PAS are: 

-  To provide emotional support for families of children

-  To raise awareness of autistic spectrum disorders;

-  To be a source of up-to-date and accurate information for families and professionals;

-  To represent the rights and interests of children with autism and their families;   



In September 2004, on the joint initiative of PAS and the Zhdanov Special Needs School, the Perm Department of Education opened a department for children with communication difficulties. This is the first department of its kind, where children with autism can expect appropriate teaching approaches to meet their unique needs.


In October 2004 for the first time in Perm, Sergei Alexeivich Morozov, the leading specialist in Autism in Russia, on behalf of the Moscow Teaching Academy, delivered a week long course on autism. Both parents and professionals attended. In addition, Sergei, in his capacity as former parent of a child with autism and director of Dobro a Moscow charity for families of children with autism, met with PAS members to offer encouragement and support. 

In December 2004, with the support of the National Autistic Society, London, Great Britain and also the Perm Department of Education, PAS published its first publication in the Russian language which is distributed at no charge to PAS members and on request to those working with children with asd.


Click here to see a list of books in the Russian language.


Immediate help and support

PAS is the city of Perms leading non-governmental, charitable organization supporting children with asd and their families. Within the current resources of PAS, PAS does not work directly with children with autism. Guardians, parents of children with autism and professionals working with children with asd are invited to contact PAS (see contact details below). A meeting will be arranged at the earliest opportunity where needs may be discussed and advice given.





Registered as a charity No. 1035900012037







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