Why membership is so important 


PAS is a membership organization that gives a voice to children with ASD and their families. Joining Perm Autistic Society gives you the support and strength of a local organisation exclusively campaigning for those affected by autistic spectrum disorders. Members can elect and run for the Board and attend and vote at General Meetings. A strong membership enables PAS to campaign and lobby for children with ASD and their families at a local and national level.

 PAS aims to keep members up to date with developments in autism and provide forums for comments, discussion and support.

 By becoming a member of PAS you will be a part of a growing group of people who want to improve the lives of all affected by autism.


Data Protection


PAS is a data controller. The personal data you provide will be used for membership administration and for statistical and other purposes connected with PAS and autism. Membership details are not disclosed to third parties for marketing or other purposes not connected with autism. Organisational measures are taken to prevent unauthorized or unlawful processing or disclosure of information.




Registered as a charity No. 1035900012037






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